Over 2000 jobs will disappear if the proposed ALUR law is not changed!

Paris October 17, 2013

The SPLM is mobilizing to alert senators on ALUR housing bill that will be considered in the Senate from 22 October.

The activity of the furnished apartment short term, vital to the economic and tourist attractiveness of France, is now managed - for how long? - By a network of small local service companies, sources of thousands of jobs can not be outsourced, promoting employability and social development of our country.
While the President of the Republic himself has just said that tourism was a "great national cause", this project real double punishment, will in fact - to remove large French SMEs employing more than 2000 today people,
- Cause the end seasonal rentals made declared, professionally framed, which serves tenants, owners, and in compliance with local regulations and good relations with the neighborhood.

The bill, if passed by the state, will definitely kill French companies for the benefit of foreign companies not paying tax in France. Seasonal furnished rentals will not disappear: they will unofficially, unreported, taxable and non-foreign enterprises by the new regulations. However, the housing problem will not be solved: access to housing will not be favored and the public interest will not be preserved.

SPLM urged the Government and the Senate to amend the current text to truly and effectively regulate furnished rentals. That is to say :

1) not unreasonably restrict and de facto furnished rentals short term by allowing more freely - while framing - leasing the land on foot (second home owners that represents 85% of the rental provided by professionals SPLM),
2) replace the obligation of the authorization of owners by a display in each relevant condominium,
3) manage activity offshore platforms and portals so that everyone sees the same rules.

To learn more about our analysis and proposals on the draft law ALUR, please visit our website www.splm-france.fr "News" section. You will find details of our observations and our proposals, which were submitted to senators.

Jean-Marc Agnès, Président : 0619679698
Alain Cartraud, Vice-Président: 0670012593

SPLM Syndicat des Professionnels de la Location Meublée
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