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The SPLM: The first representative body of furnished rental professionals

Created in 2010 when the furnished short and medium-term rental market was developing strongly to meet the growing needs related to global mobility, the world economy as well as leisure and tourism, the SPLM is a national federation of professionals in France.

The SPLM facilitates meetings and exchanges among its members aiming to help them develop and adapt to a rapidly changing market in terms of regulations and environment.


  • Facilitates the exchange of information and experiences through regular meetings
  • Develops legal expertise to defend the profession in the face of regulatory changes and has done so for more than 10 years. This includes regulations for seasonal rentals, the mobility lease or VAT issues, the rules of estate agents, subletters, etc.
  • Support members during discussions with local authorities.
  • Allows everyone to benefit from a network of expert partners (lawyers, tax experts, insurers, property inspections before/after rentals, guarantees, etc.) through presentations/trainings or by direct consultation often at prices negotiated for members.
  • Participates in other professional associations providing access to information, markets, press monitoring. Some examples: The UNPLV (National Union of Vacation Rental Professionals which unites the platforms), SNPRM (National Union of Relocation and Mobility Professionals) and EHHA (European Holiday Home Association, international federation of vacation rental professionals lobbying at a European Commission level – the SPLM is on the Board of Directors).
  • Participates in the public debates relating to furnished rentals.
  • Helps structure the operating processes of these new professions and participates in the development and improvement of the SPLM Quality and Ethics Charters.
  • Facilitates access to group purchases meeting business needs https://splm.hellocse.fr/

Join the SPLM – all furnished rental professionals are welcome!

  • Become a member directly (site under reconstruction http://www.splm-france.fr/fr/adherer-au-splm/)
  • Through an affiliate member of the association (contact us at contact@splm-france.fr)
  • Join an association affiliated with the SPLM or affiliate your association with the SPLM (your members benefit from the SPLM advantages)

Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, the SPLM offers

  • No required member fees for the 2021 fiscal year.
  • Thematic information meetings open to all furnished rental professionals by videoconference.
  • A WhatsApp group to exchange informally, ask for advice or feedback.



6aarboe8Our environment and the Company changed. Uses in the field of housing are changing. The furnished rental industry is changing, it is a fact.

The nature of potential lodgers changed. Who are these new applicants?
- professional missions
- employees seeking employment or training
- urban tourists
- mission back to expatriates

These new tenants are looking for living quarters for varying periods in which they settle, cook, living the local life. Traditional deals only partially meet their demand.

In parallel, further market investors in real estate owners, property owners are feeling new needs:

- Professional geographic mobility frees the main homes during part of the year: how to manage their costs?
- The aging of the population contributes to the transformation of urban main homes into second homes: how to avoid selling immediately?
- The precariousness of employment and the low level of pensions push some homeowners looking for extra income and rent punctually their main residence
- Young families no longer have the means to invest in a residence and buying a studio apartment they rent out for extra income.

The areas furnished rentals develops evolved: historically, furnished rentals concerned the tourism needs in seaside areas, mountains or countryside. Today furnished rentals is a complement to traditional solutions of lodging in town. It offers new solutions to meet new demand from tenants.

Finally, the development of information technology, has helped streamline the development of the leasing sector in furnished and make possible direct relations between landlords and tenants.

To support the development of the sector, Professionals Rental Furnished, decided to create the SPLM (the Union of Professional Furnished Rental) with the main objectives:
- The representation and defense of the professional, economic, material and moral of members.
- The promotion and enhancement of the occupations of the members with public authorities, owners, and tenants.
- Assistance and the implementation of tools adapted to professionals.
- The establishment of a code of ethics at the service of professionals furnished rental.
The implementation of these objectives is translated into action by the first guidelines below
- Explain the different stakeholders of the profession types of services provided and how this varied field that is commonly called the furnished rental. The interlocutors are numerous:
• tenants and landlords
• and also condominiums and trustees, media, institutions, administration
- Contribute to the continuous optimization of the quality of service offered to the customer, and this in compliance with the own service policy to each of its members.
• we will consider the quality of service vis-à-vis the two main customers of professional furnished rentals: landlords and tenants.
• The SPLM, will develop a code of ethics of the profession and propose goals by areas (marketing, maintenance, general conditions, support ...) and will contribute to propose optimization methods.
• each member can take ownership of the goals and adapt the methods proposed to his own business.
- Present a structured and representative interlocutor for governments and institutions regarding:
• monitoring of the sector representative data (volume, growth, customer segments ...)
• changes in the legislative and regulatory framework
- Developing synergies between the members of the Association and promote best practices.
• Propose development projects
• Encourage professional providers to develop tools and services tailored to the needs of the profession (eg software, maintenance services ...)