Who are affiliates?

Professionals furnished rental SPLM members manage daily relations with three big types of interlocutors:
- Apartment renters (over 100 000 annual clients, French and foreign),
- Owners (again French and foreign) whose apartments are rented,
- The various partners and service provider (financial, insurance, diagnosticians, launderers, cleaning companies ...) on which the professionals furnished rental rely to carry out their trade.

The SPLM has created membership status "Affiliate". It caters to business not engaged the professional business of furnished rentals and eager to get closer to this universe by bringing their expertise to tenants, owners or members of the SPLM.


Only companies having no legal connection with the SPLM members are eligible integrate the SPLM. To become "Affiliates" they must:
- To exercise their profession for over two years.
- Meet a board member (delegate) who will inform the operating details and ensure the consistency and synergy of the company's objectives with the SPLM.
- Accepting the honor on compliance with the code of ethics of the union.
- Fill the application form which will be reviewed by the office, by joining another:
  • a company presentation brochure
  • a letter of recommendation signed by a member of the SPLM
- Acknowledge an annual contribution


- The coordinates of the affiliated company (address, phone, fax.) And a link and / or a website address, appear in published and communicated by the SPLM listings.
-The "Affiliates" receive the information disseminated by the SPLM.
- The "Affiliates" can present their company on the SPLM site.
- The "Affiliates" can use the services of the SPLM delegate for all information regarding the "short term rental" and possibly distribute their messages to members concerned.
- The "Affiliates" can present their business in meetings of the SPLM.
- If members wish to propose projects that require the cooperation of members and / or to the players in the field, they will contact the SPLM delegate to evaluate any conditions of their project.
- These projects will address topics including:
  • Communication
  • Service delivery
  • Vente de biens
-Or relating to the following actors:
  • owners
  • tenants
  • service company
- Each member will have the freedom to work or not affiliated.
- The "Affiliates" can not take part in voting at meetings.
- The "Affiliates" may disclose their affiliation on their documents, and the SPLM to use the logo after agreement by the Chief.


For further information, folder and detailed conditions of accession to send a message contact@splm-france.fr