About us

The SPLM was formed in March 2010 by a group of professional rental agencies mainly based in Paris who felt a need to work together toward establishing common business practices and ideals for the betterment of the vacation rental industry in France and in particular in Paris.

By working together with a common charter of business practices, we can provide a uniform standard within the member companies of our organisation.
We all abide by the same code of ethics and endeavor to assist all client requests to the best of our abilities.

This starts as early as the original email enquiry we receive. If an SPLM member is not able to accommodate a client due to lack of availability or suitable apartment, we transmit the details to our other members. The agencies with holiday home appropriate to the request will then email offers to the prospective guest.
The SPLM is a continually growing organization and we welcome new members to apply. To request membership to our association you must among other requirements be a registered business in France with your full address, telephone number and other professional details clearly stated on your website.